Day in the Life | Love & Chaos

Nicole and Chris have four children under the age of four. 

Let that sink in. 

Basically, they're saints. Amazing, patient, hilarious, loving saints. 

Just a short time after Hurricane Irma made her way through Florida, this family signed up for even more chaos with a short 2-hour Mini-DITL session. Just a regular Sunday at home, packed with couch-jumping, dance parties, and NUTELLA. Here are some of my favorites from the day: 

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DJ & Niki | Fort Lauderdale Maternity Session

I photographed their wedding two years ago, and now DJ and Niki are just a few short weeks from welcoming a baby boy! LOVED hanging out with these two again, and I'm so excited to see them as parents!

Warning: RIDICULOUS light ahead. Like, OUT OF CONTROL. DJ even mentioned that whenever he sees pretty light he makes a point to call it out - "Yummy light" (If you've shot with me, that's totally a Sonju-ism, and I'm so proud.) 

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Boca Raton Birth Story | Baby Hudson

Just a few short weeks ago, Kris and Elon welcomed their second baby boy. In the weeks leading up to the birth, we were all crossing our fingers that baby Hudson would share a birthday with older brother Jameson. (I also shot Jameson's birth story four years ago!) 

I arrived to the hospital around 2:30 pm. In hindsight, I probably jumped the gun and got there way too early, camera blazin' and ready for action. But as a photographer, when you've been on call for days -  you're almost as excited as mama. By 8:00 pm, we were all wondering if Hudson was too comfortable to leave the womb. There was even talk about a C-Section if things didn't speed up... but something came over Kris and she pushed like the FREAKING WONDER WOMAN she is and half past 9 pm Hudson was born. 

I can't tell you how badly I wanted to throw my camera down and hold Kris' hand as she pushed those last few times. But with a camera to my face (and tears in my eyes hoping I can still see the red focal point in the viewfinder) I'm able to take myself out of the scene in a way and go full autopilot in the hopes of documenting those first few seconds of life. How lucky are these boys to have photos (and albums!) like this in the future. 

Hudson Parker Meles
August 4, 2017
9:29 pm | 8.13 oz

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Ellie's Moana Themed Birthday Party | Miami Family Photographer

I've been photographing this family since Ellie's Baby Shower! And now this sweet and saucy girl is two! I'll be honest, I know nothin' about Moana, but judging by the reactions of guests, I'd say Lindsay (mom) knocked it out of the park. My favorite part? The family also asked for donations for Project Night-Night, an organization that collects comfort items for homeless children. I love any opportunity to give back and by then end of the party, those tote bags were STUFFED with sweet books, stuffed animals and blankets.

Also, peep my toddler spirit animal sneaking a marshmallow treat from ET Cakes...

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Laura & Mitch | Fort Lauderdale Engagement Photographer

Laura and Mitch were literally on the way to the airport to catch their plane back home to Atlanta, when we squeezed in a quick hour at the beach for their engagement session. SO excited for their November wedding here in South Florida! If their wedding day is anything like their engagement session, we're in for an AMAZING time! 
(And here's to hoping their pup Cali can make an appearance too!) 

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Francine & Jonathan | Wedding at Club at Boca Pointe

Four words that'll strike fear into any photographer's heart - July wedding in South Florida. But Francine and Jonathan's summertime wedding was nothing short of perfect. Francine and Jonathan opted for a first look since they had a hefty list for family formals. This of course freed up the timeline after the ceremony for delicious portraits, and still had time to join their friends and family for cocktail hour.
The Club at Boca Pointe is just as pretty on the inside as it is outside, so we had lots of opportunities for beautiful photos indoors. Also, it's such a joy to photograph a naturally side-lit indoor ceremony for once. Here are a few of my favorites from their day. 

Not feeling "scrolly"? Click play then HD for highlights: 

Big thanks to these vendors for their talents: 

Venue | The Club at Boca Pointe
Makeup Artistry | Color Kisses
DJ | Allan Reiss of Original FX
Florals | Oma's Garden Flower Shop
Photo Booth | Juju Booth

A Publix Proposal & Engagement | South Florida Engagement Photographer


While planning their engagement session, Mer told me they were down for anything, so naturally we had to start the shoot where it all happened... PUBLIX.

STORY TIME: Meredith is my former roommate, so I know for a FACT that she and Brandon are absolutely obsessed with Oreos. Brandon, being the clever dude he is, came up with a plan to hide the ring box as he sent Meredith back to "get that bread I like". Once she met him back in the cookie aisle, the great debate of "Regular or Double Stuffed?" turned into an even bigger question...

I thought it would be a great idea to start at Publix, get some cookies (duh), and continue their shoot at home then finally on the streets of Las Olas. Here are some of my favorites from their shoot:

"Way better than some park shoot!" Agreed, Mer! 

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Day in the Life | An Adoption Story

For the past year or so, I've documented three adoptions for a special family. Nicole and Chris have lovingly opened their home to some of the coolest kids on the planet. Since we're friends on Facebook, I've had a peek into their daily lives (especially after moving into a new home!) and asked if I could photograph the moments before heading to the courthouse for the adoption. And that hour before leaving was everything I thought it would be - beautiful chaos. With four children under the age of four, the home was filled with tiny people, family, and the sweet sweet sounds of Miss B's lungs (the girl can scream!) But Nicole and Chris handle it all with grace and a whole lotta love and patience. 

I'm telling you. They're saints. 

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Karen & David | Wedding at the Club of Knights

During my first meeting with Karen & David, I felt an instant connection. Both Karen and David are in the Air Force, and you all know my obsession with planes, pilots, and flying in general. I'll spare you the cheesy "in the air" quotes, but this wedding will definitely be one of the highlights of 2017's wedding "season". 

I mean seriously, check out the guys' 'sleeves' shirts - you KNOW it's gonna be a good wedding when the bridal party has a little fun with their uniforms. Karen and David chose to have a first look at Vizcaya, and made sure we had 90 delicious minutes for portraits. I'm so spoiled. 

Here are some of my favorites from their Coral Gables wedding, an event planned by Paula with B Social Events: 

Wedding Planner | B Social Events

Bridal Prep | Private Villa 

Reception | Club of Knights, Coral Gables

Bridal Gown | Alfred Angelo

DJ | Miami DJs Ultra

Photo Booth | Juju Booth


Day in the Life | Gigi, Danny, & Kane

Five-ish years ago, I was the light holding, dress fluffing assistant at Gigi's wedding. Since then, we've our Facebook friendship grew into a working relationship, (and amazing friendship, but lets not get sappy. I do love this girl though.) as Gigi is a fantastic wedding photographer and second shooter/associate for Sonju Photography. So I jumped at the chance to shoot a Day in the Life session for her family. Kane just turned two, and I was SO EXCITED to finally meet the little man I've been following on Instagram (#teambabysquishy y'all) 

Driving to Gigi's home, I must've powered through three separate rain storms. I actually thought about pulling over and waiting it out (which is major, because this is Florida, we should be used to the rain) or even cancelling the session because it was so nasty out. But the beauty of in-home documentary sessions is that you don't have to worry about the weather, and rescheduling would have gone against everything these sessions are meant to be - about documenting the every day life AT HOME. Rain or Shine. 

I knocked on the door and Kane greeted me with a stare. I don't speak much Spanish, unless I'm IN Spain, so the only way Kane and I could really communicate was through body language and well, staring. And he stared me down for a solid 15 minutes. Side eye. More staring. Looking to mom and dad for reassurance... It was the ultimate challenge - photograph Kane and his relationship with Gigi and Danny, and do so without really talking to him and while stuck indoors. 


Here are a few of my favorites from their DITL session... (Not feeling "scrolly" today? Click play for a sweet slideshow of highlights from their day!) 

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Juan & Debra | Wedding at The Addison

Earth Day, 2017. A partly cloudy, slightly breezy, gorgeous day for a brunchy wedding. Juan and Debra's wedding at the Addison was a beautiful event filled with family, friends, and the prettiest details thanks to some of South Florida's best wedding vendors. 

Rev. Eddie Rodriguez officiated, and asked guests to put away their phones and cameras for the ceremony. Of course, we photographers love this, but it also created an amazing moment where Juan and Debra walked down the aisle together and were welcomed with applause from their guests. I literally got goosebumps as they walked through the banyan trees... 

After a short cocktail hour in the courtyard (hello mimosas and cheeses!) Juan and Debra celebrated in delicious natural light - seriously, such a treat to photograph a reception in natty light! And their sparkler exit - just as beautiful. Here are some of my favorites from their day... 

Thanks so much for trusting me to document your wedding day, Debra and Juan! 

And huge thanks to these vendors for their part in making their day even more magical: 

Venue | The Addison 

Officiant | Rev. Eddie Rodriguez

Florals | Dalsimer Atlas 

DJ | Vision DJs 

Signs & Calligraphy | Pluma Fina

Photo Booth | Juju Booth