Kimi & Arman | Fort Lauderdale Engagement Photos

Kimi & Arman's engagement session started with a few clicks and a race back to our cars as it started to rain. Ten minutes later, we were back on schedule and exploring little pockets of downtown Ft. Lauderdale. Excited for their wedding at the end of the year! 

Day in the Life | The Nixon Family

What happens when Sonju gets to shoot another (amazingly talented and brilliant) photographer's family? SHE FREAKS OUT.

I had the opportunity to document a few hours with Anna-Liisa's family on a typical Sunday morning. Finally, a chance to meet my littlest idol - her daughter, Delphine. Here are a few of my favorites from just a few hours with the (equally-as-awesome-as-Delphine) Nixon Family.

Anna-Liisa thank you SO MUCH for letting me fan-girl and shove my camera in your faces. Excited to work with you in the future! xo

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Day in The Life | Monique & Gus at Home

Day in the Life sessions don't have to include children - adults that sometimes act like children is just as sweet.

Monique and Gus are fellow creatives, and owners of Only One Mark, a custom stationery company in Miami, and are new homeowners. Monique reached out to me to photograph a typical "morning in the life" to document this time in their lives. Oh, and go ahead and write this down - Publix "Hispanic Cheese Bread." Dip it in your coffee. Your welcome. (Bonus points for Law & Order) 

I love that Monique brought out the UNO cards during their session. Monique gifts a pack of UNO cards to her clients and suggests her couples make a date night out of it - no talking about the wedding. And of course their own personal stack is a deck of Marvel characters...

We ended their session thumbing through their wedding photos. Monique mentioned it wasn't as "fancy" as wedding albums today, but it was still pretty awesome to watch them flip through those 4x6s and relive their day. Photos are important, even if they're just small prints in a slip album. Just look at their faces if you need proof. 

Here are some of my favorites from their breezy Sunday morning... 


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