Bag Lady

Just 11 short days until my trip. It's all I think about. I'll only be gone for 6 weeks, but I can't even begin to think about what's going to happen when I get back. Right now, I'll be unemployed and homeless when I return, and so far, I'm ok with that. Europe is the only thing that matters.

(For the record, I do have an "interview" of sorts on Tuesday that I'm pretty confident about, and after that, I can easily find a place to live. It's just a matter of securing the job before I find an apartment. So stop worrying your pretty little head.)

I bet you're dying to know what I've packed. I did months of research for this trip, and was obsessed with other traveler's lists. I'm a virgo. I plan plan plan. I make lists - sometimes, just so I can cross things off. Nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment.

I purchased a 'duffle' bag to use as a carry-on. Just in case someone's having a bad day at the airport and forces me to check my backpack. Can't exactly check my laptop and camera. Even if I don't have to check my backpack, at least all the absolute necessities will be with me in the duffle. It's also an amazing daypack - I won't be leaving anything valuable in hostels or my room.

Here's the list you nosy little readers...

Duffle Bag: (Carry-on)
PASSPORT! (And a thousand copies of it strategically hidden in my bags.)
Laptop -and it's nifty little padded sleeve
Canon 40D, extra battery and charger
iPhone and earbuds
iPhone charger
Sigma 10-20mm lens -Holy wide angle. Can't wait for some landscapes! Did I mention the killer deal I got on this lens? I don't always like taking advantage of dumb people, but when someone's selling a gem like this for $50, you gotta jump on it!
Canon 50mm 1.8
Canon 28-105mm -For everything in between.
Memory card reader
Memory cards -Two 2 gig, and 1 4 gig
Money pouch -I may feel like a tourist wearing it underneath my clothes, but at least I won't be a BROKE tourist!
Samsung point and shoot camera, memory card, and battery charger - I bought this little camera for all the shots that won't require me to bust out my 'big-girl camera'. Plus, it has video.
One change of clothes - I learned my lesson after my Vegas debacle. At least I'll be dressed in layers and ok for a couple days in case my bag gets lost. (IF I have to check it.)
One-quart bag of liquid toiletries: travel size shampoo, moisturizer, toothpaste and bodywash.
TSA approved cable lock
16 gig USB drive
Plug adapters and voltage converter

The Backpack:
3 pairs of pants - jeans, and two comfy cargo-style
3 cotton t-shirts
One bright orange cotton sundress - easily dressed up for nights out
2 spaghetti-strapped tanks
One long-sleeve shirt
One pair pajama-jama pants
1 'beater style' tank
Lightweight hoodie
4 pairs of socks
5 pairs of other unmentionables
2 bras, one sports bra
A couple hankercheifs - a MUST for that hippie-backpacker look, washcloths, etc.
One packing cube - for all t-shirts and tops (just keeps things in one place)
Travel towel -super absorbent, quick drying!
Black flippy-floppies (I'll be trekking Europe in my Chucks! There's still a chance I'll break down and buy some quality walking shoes.)
Model Releases (printed on small 3x5 cards)
Small case for postcards, completed model releases, etc.
Toiletries bag

Inside my hanging toiletries bag:
Hot pink ear plugs. Apparently hostels can get a little loud, and I'm sure they'll come in handy on trains and busses.
Hair ties
Contact lens case
Handful of Cipro. Hey, you never know.
Couple of individually wrapped (totally "borrowed" from the medicine cabinet at work) cold medicine and pain relievers.
Tampons. I've read you can't get certain brands overseas.
BC pills.
Couple extra large safety pins
Extra ziplocks
Cottonelle wipes
Sephora compact with eyeshadows, blush, and lip glosses all in one cute little case
Small hairbrush

Of course I'll also have cash, couple credit cards, proof of travel-insurance, ID's (if it were up to my Mom, she'd have me tattoo all her contact info and my full intineray on my forearm)...all the not-so-fun but NECESSARY stuff. Anything else I'm sure I can purchase in Europe. I've read, 'while packing, lay out all your things. Take half the stuff, twice the money.' I've pretty much halved my things already. I refer to the list a couple times a day, and haven't added anything to it without first taking something off. THEY'RE JUST THINGS.

Well-loved, INSURED things.