Sonju Out.

I'm about to take the trip of a life time.

In 16 days, I leave for Europe. I quit my job of ten years, I'm scared to death, and so excited I think my heart might explode.

I traveled a lot as a kid. Basically raised by flight attendants. While you were staring at the ceiling of the planetarium in 2nd grade, I was climbing the pyramids. I HATED it growing up - no long-term friends, a new school every year...but it taught me how to make friends, be adaptable, and let the little things go.

Or, maybe it's taught me to quickly judge, make snap-decisions, and how to pack an apartment in less than two days.

Either way, it's led me to a life of serious wanderlust. Once the travel bug bites, that's it. I've made my decision, and it's hard to talk me out of it.

So what caused it this time? My job? In short - yes. I've been working at that restaurant since I was 18. The only adult life I know has been filled with 'weeded dreams', customer complaints, and feeling like there had to be more out there for me. At one time, I was so wrapped up with work, that my boss told me to "get a hobby - find something you're passionate about."

Oh, hello photography.

Let's start from the beginning. From here on out, this blog will be about my travels. (It's still Secrets, Stories, and Stupid Poses, just now with an accent!) If you're looking to follow me around Europe, this should be the site you bookmark.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my home for 6 weeks:

Now THAT'S terrifying. All my things in a 'liddul' bag. I guess I'm a "flashpacker", which is a fairly new term used to describe those backpacking hippies, except they're armed with DSLR's, iPhones, and laptops. Doesn't leave me much room for anything else once I have my if you're wondering, yes, I'll be washing a lot of cotton shirts by hand.

Now, to the good part - Where the hell am I going? Here's a map. I'd give you my entire itinerary, but that just takes all the fun out of it.

I've booked hostels, photo shoots, train rides, busses through the Spanish countryside, and even toyed with the idea of couchsurfing. ( I'm not 100% sold on the couchsurfing yet, but will probably try it out towards the end of my journey, once the money's running low and I feel I can trust people on the road. I've always been the "nurturer", so letting someone else host me will be new to me.

Like I said before, if you want to hear all about where I'm going, who I've met, what pretty model I'm shooting, or the food I'm eating (hey, breaking this queso habit is going to be rough) then bookmark this site.

(I'll give you a second to do so.)

Next post: What I'm packing. Trust me, I'm packing light this time.