The Slye Family | Boca Raton Family Photographer

I met Jacquelyn last year while shooting a wedding. She is good friends with the bride, and turns out, we even went to the same high school! She requested beachy portraits, and I unknowingly planned their session around one of the busiest weekends of the year - Boca Bash. We spent quite a bit of time searching for an empty-ish beach, (that was a hoot.) I got a few shots of the boys alone, and made our way down to the sand. WARNING: Two adorably expressive boys ahead!

Slye_Family_Boca_Raton_Childrens_Photographer (1)Slye_Family_Boca_Raton_Childrens_Photographer (3)Slye_Family_Boca_Raton_Childrens_Photographer (2)Slye_Family_Boca_Raton_Childrens_Photographer (4)Slye_Family_Boca_Raton_Childrens_Photographer (5)Slye_Family_Boca_Raton_Childrens_Photographer (6)Slye_Family_Boca_Raton_Childrens_Photographer (7)Slye_Family_Boca_Raton_Childrens_Photographer (8)Slye_Family_Boca_Raton_Childrens_Photographer (9)I love this next one so much. It always makes me think he's saying "F-YEAH! FLOWER!" 

Slye_Family_Boca_Raton_Childrens_Photographer (10)Slye_Family_Boca_Raton_Childrens_Photographer (11)Slye_Family_Boca_Raton_Childrens_Photographer (12)