Hi, I'm Stephanie.

(Sonju. Sonj. Just not Steph.)

South Florida Wedding Photographer

I'm not your typical wedding photographer. I may not get overly excited over your bouquet, shooting a wedding dress in a window is not my favorite, and honestly, I couldn't care less about what colors you choose for uplighting. I'm looking for that nervous thing you do with your hands, the first time your groom spins the ring on his finger, that sigh of relief after the first kiss, and your grandma losing it on the dance floor. You know, the things you'll actually remember. The MOMENTS. Your wedding day shouldn't feel like a photo shoot. My NUMBA ONE goal is documenting an important day of your life in a beautiful, story-telling manner. We won't spend our time perfecting poses and over-shooting details. Sure, getting published in the latest Pretty Pretty Wedding Guide is nice, but I shoot for brides (and grooms!), not blogs. 

 Whether I'm telling the story of your wedding day, or a full day in the life of your family, I focus on the genuine moments, the quick glances, the uncontrollable laughter... and I promise no cheesy poses. (Like, why are y'all jumping?!)  I freak out (like, get stupid-giddy) about light, grunt when I get THAT shot, and can't wait to show you how beautiful your life already is. 

Things that creep me out #ew:

 Butterflies. Shiny food. Khakis. Online dating (I'm trying, mom.)

Things I'm absolutely #obsessed with: 

Light, guacamole, brides that smile, genuine hugs, peppermint patties, TRAVEL, large vocabularies, iced coffee, anything lavender, and cat videos.