Hi, I'm Stephanie.

(Sonju. Sonj. Just not Steph.)

South Florida Wedding Photographer

Growing up, my dad used to say that the most important word in the world is "truth." 

He was right, and I strive to communicate that in my work. Whether it's a wedding day, or documenting a "normal day" with your family, I want the truth. The honest memories. Nothing too staged, real emotions.  

I'm stupid-giddy about light, giggling at the way Grams dances to Biggie at your reception, documenting how excited your daughter is to help wash the dishes (it won't last long, promise.), and showing you how your groom looks at you when you aren't looking.

Your life is already beautiful, there's no need to style or fake it. 



 Butterflies. Shiny food. Khakis. Online dating (I'm trying, mom.)


Things I'm absolutely #obsessed with: 

Light, guacamole, Pearl Jam, brides that smile, genuine hugs, peppermint patties, TRAVEL, large vocabularies, iced coffee, anything lavender, and my Puerto Rican cat, Rrrico.