i was raised traveling the world

 ...and I still feel the need to go go GO. I try to travel outside the US at least once a year, and love traveling solo (Single AF, I do what I want!) If I'm not working on the weekend, I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself and spend the day napping, Instagramming, and catching up on shows like Last Week Tonight and This is Us. I should brunch more. Or travel more. (check out my recent travels here.) 




I'm not your typical... photographer. I may not get overly excited over your bouquet, hanging a wedding dress in a window is not my favorite, and honestly, I couldn't care less about what colors you choose for uplighting. I'm looking for that nervous thing you do with your hands, the first time your groom spins the ring on his finger, that sigh of relief after the first kiss, and your grandma losing it on the dance floor. And the LIGHT. You know, the things you'll actually remember.

Things I'm absolutely #obsessed with: Light, Pearl Jam, kids doing weird shit, genuine hugs, peppermint patties, TRAVEL, large vocabularies, guacamole, iced coffee, anything lavender, and my Puerto Rican cat, Rrrico. Things I DON'T LOVE SO MUCH: Butterflies. setting an alarm, Shiny food. Khakis. Online dating (I'm trying, mom.)