A Birth Story | Baby Lilah


Six days past her due date, Katie texted me with the news I'd been waiting for all week. "My water just broke, I'll call you when we're headed to the hospital." Even though I knew it could be hours until I'd have to head to the hospital, I danced around my home with excitement. Birth Stories are always unpredictable, and I spent the entire day glued to my phone waiting for updates. It wasn't until the next afternoon that I would join Katie and her family in the delivery room. Katie, Aaron, and their parents were packed into the room with her midwife staring at the monitors.

But Baby Lilah was going to make us wait...

West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (1)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (2)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (3)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (4)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (5)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (6)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (7)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (8)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (9)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (10)

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Katie and Aaron's childhood toys, and Lilah's new "monkey" awaiting her arrival. 

West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (14)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (15)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (16)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (17)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (19)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (18) West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (20)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (21)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (22)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (23)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (54)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (24)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (25)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (26)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (27)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (28)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (29)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (30)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (31)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (32)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (33)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (34)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (35)

Finally, the wait was over. Lilah had flipped over, and thanks to Katie's hard work while laboring (standing, sitting, even flipped over on her knees) it was "go" time. The midwife placed the call for her "people" to assist in the delivery, but Lilah was ready now. In what felt like seconds, the bed was ripped apart and Katie used her last bit of energy to push... 

West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (36)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (37)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (38)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (40)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (41)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (42)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (43)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (44)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (45)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (46)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (47)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (48)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (49)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (50)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (51)

West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (55)West_Boca_Birth_Story_Lilah (52)

Welcome to this crazy, beautiful world, Lilah Grace.

Lilah Grace | 8 lbs 2.4 oz

August 11, 2014 | 10:32 pm