Amaya is Two! | Boynton Beach Children's Photographer

Last year I had the pleasure of shooting Amaya's first portraits, and this year she's back in front of my camera making me work for every smile. I bought a small bouquet of flowers (because what girl doesn't like flowers?!) and met her mom and auntie at Caloosa Park in Boynton Beach. I love the light at the park early in the morning, but I'm usually hesitant about photographing little girls there because well, most little girls don't like to get dirty. Not Amaya, though. She was way more interested in the squirrels, pine cones, and puddles than posing for me. She also had other plans for those pretty flowers I brought her... Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (1)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (2)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (3)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (4)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (5)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (6)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (7)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (8)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (9)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (10)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (11)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (12)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (13)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (14)

In a last ditch effort, I played Pharell's "Happy" on my phone to get a few dance-y shots of Amaya. Amaya used the opportunity to make a call instead. Not mad...

Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (15)Amaya_2_year_portraits_calossa (16)

See you next year, Amaya. I'm not bringing you flowers, though.