Another night in Paris...?

So I loved Paris so much, I decided to stay another night. Alright fine, what had happened was, I got on the wrong train. I was off by one number and ran to catch a train that was about to depart. One of the conductors literally dragged me on to the train, and as I tried to catch my breath, I asked him where my seat was. "Wrong train" was his reply. I sat on the steps of the train in for FOUR HOURS, as that was the closest stop. In the end, I had to pay an extra $100 to take the same train back. The views of the lavender fields almost made it worth it. Almost. Ah well, just more time to edit and post photos of the catacombs. These are all 30 second exposures, as you're not allowed to use flash photography. Big step for me, considering I think most everything is creepy... enjoy, weirdos.