A Birth Story | Baby Audrey

Maternity, a birth story, family portraits, birthday parties, another maternity session... I've been through it all with the Cables over the last three years or so... And last month I got to witness the newest member of the Cable family take her first breath. Introducing baby Audrey: 

Shortly after 5 pm, not even fully dilated, Katie had the overwhelming feeling to push. In just a few seconds, Audrey was born. It all happened so quickly, and honestly its still a blur as I tend to "detach" a bit while shooting. As the nurses flew into the room and prepared, my only chance to document her entering this world was to hold my camera directly overhead. Audrey's tiny head was covered with a receiving blanket. To protect the privacy of my AMAZING client, Katie, and to spare my blog of images that shouldn't be displayed publicly, lets skip a few seconds to where Audrey was placed on mama's chest for the first time...

Congratulations Katie, Aaron, and L! Can't wait to document you all as a family of FOUR now!