Chelsea and Ryleigh - Mommy n Me | Delray Beach Children's Photographer


How about a blast from the past? YEARS ago, (I'm talking MySpace days, folks) Chelsea trusted me to take some family portraits of her adorable little family. Check out one of the pictures I was so proud to give to her. My goodness that's embarrassing. I can't believe I had to guts to share that with you guys! Eep! I need to redeem myself! Here goes nothin'...Whew! That's better. Flash forward to now, and Ryleigh is an amazingly beautiful little girl with so much love for her Mommy. I could almost hear the giggles as I edited these. And with a little wardrobe change, our session went from sweet to sassy! Sequin slap-bracelets and all. Chelsea, thank you so much for always believing in me (even back then!) and for trusting me with these memories.