Day in the Life | The Fagundo Family

This Day in the Life session was particularly special. A few years ago, I met Alex in a Facebook photographer's group and he hired me to assist him on a wedding. I had shot a handful of weddings myself, but never really worked with a "real" professional before. Especially not an award-winning-best-of-Miami-wedding photographer...  I remember that first wedding working with Alex like it was yesterday. I followed, observed, fluffed the bride's dress, and my brain exploded from all the knowledge and "ohhhh that's how you do that!"s. Assisting slowly turned into second shooting, and earlier this year, I literally cried in his studio when we were discussing me joining his team at Soul Echo Studios as an associate. 

Like seriously cried. Get a grip, Sonj. 

But it wasn't just the hands on experience that proved to be invaluable in my own business - Alex has a wealth of business knowledge and on the industry as a whole, and was always happy to share. In my career, I've been so lucky to work and learn from the most talented, humble, kick-ass photographers, and Alex Fagundo is at the top of that list. 

So when Alex mentioned something about me shooting a Day in the Life session for his family, I had some serious nerves dot com. Honestly, I kinda wished he'd forget he even asked me. But he didn't forget, and I got to spend a Saturday with the sweetest, most loving family in Miami. 

From mud puddles to cuddle puddles, light sabers to bedtime prayers, here's a Day in the Life of the Fagundo Family.