Devon | South Florida Child Model Photographer

Devon was recently signed to a new agency here in South Florida and needed some updated photos for his book, and I was the lucky photographer that got to help him. Dang, tough job huh? Warning - this little guy is about to break your heart. Please remove all drinks and fragile items away from your computer, as Devon is about to make you want to throw things with his killer eyes and super-cute smile. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Speaking of warnings- Devon is signed with a reputable agency. If you are considering getting your child into an agency, or have been approached by a "talent scout" at the mall, be smart and do your research. This link has some useful tips on choosing the right agency to represent your child. Yes, your child is gorgeous and has "it", but don't be fooled by the companies out there that use flattery and may not have his/her best interest in mind.