Diana and Brody | South Florida Children's Photographer

Danielle was Ruby's Maid of Honor at her wedding last year, and I had a BLAST photographing her little girl Diana as a flower girl. So when Danielle reached out for some headshots and portraits of her littles, I had to mentally prepare myself for the cuteness that I was about to capture. Diana and her little brother Brody ROCKED their session with me in Royal Palm Beach. Like seriously, get these kids in print!

West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (1)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (2)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (3)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (4)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (5)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (6)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (7)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (8)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (9)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (10)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (11)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (12)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (13)West_Palm_Children_Photographer_Sonju (14)


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