Day in the Life | The Raoli Family (again!)

"If it weren't for these Day in the Life sessions, I don't think we'd do family photos" 
-Jim, Dad. 

Day in the Life sessions aren't about faking it at a park, or coming up with activities you think your kids will enjoy just to get a few decent smiles. It's about the real connections between you and your family, and documenting the REAL, genuine moments you share. 

This is the second time I've photographed this family, and we're (hopefully!) looking to add a third date. To watch these sweet boys grow up has been a dream, and I hope they look back at these photos when they're older and have a good sense of what life was like when they were young. 

This is what its all about. From blueberry pancakes to butterflies, this is a Day in the Life of the Raoli-K family.