Faith is ONE! | South Florida Childrens Photographer

I met the Graham family at a small park in Boynton Beach for Faith's one year portraits. Photographing kids at this age can be a little challenging, (especially so early in the morning the first day of Daylight Savings AND the day of her birthday party...) so we began the shoot knowing that "she's the boss, applesauce," and we'd be lucky if we got 30 minutes of happy faces from Faith. But even though Faith wasn't a huge fan of the pine needles, we had some delicious light and approximately 29 minutes of sweet, sweet, Faith. CaloosaParkOneYearPortraits (1)CaloosaParkOneYearPortraits (2)CaloosaParkOneYearPortraits (3)CaloosaParkOneYearPortraits (4)CaloosaParkOneYearPortraits (5)CaloosaParkOneYearPortraits (6)CaloosaParkOneYearPortraits (7)CaloosaParkOneYearPortraits (8)