Two Dads and Their Twins Explore Miami - Day in the Life | Miami Family Photographer

Day in the Life sessions - RAIN OR SHINE. 

I met Ryan and Chris through some mutual friends/clients while searching for new families to document. These dads are obviously too sweet for words on their own, but throw in a pair of one-year-old twins and it's any documentary photographer's dream come true. We originally booked their Day in the Life session for sometime in January, but scheduling conflicts, sickness, and overall bad luck kept getting in our way. FINALLY, on a what-the-heck-is-this-a-hurricane-in-May Sunday, I met them at their home as they packed up the kids for a day in Miami. 

From a messy diner breakfast, to swings at the park, to soaking in science-y things at the Frost Museum, here are some of my favorite moments from that day. 

(And if you're reading this, "dude who sleeps on benches at museums" -  thank you.)

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