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It's no secret that I am a firm believer in printed work. I truly feel that a wedding job isn't "done" until the album is in my client's hands. As a kid, I moved all over the world. House to house, apartment to apartment, and when I moved out, my mom handed me stacks of photo albums. Childhood memories on rounded-corner 3x5 prints and polaroids. They're among my most prized possessions, and I hope that in 30 years or so I can pass them down to my own children. (Working on that, mom!) Albums and prints are part of our legacy. And in this blog post, I'm going to try my hardest to convince you that yes, a professionally printed wedding album is TOTALLY WORTH IT.  



I photograph around 30 weddings a year. So that's at least one hundred bajillion conversations I've had with clients where I hear "oh but we get the files, so we can just make our own."

I'm telling you right now - and I say this with love - you won't.

You spend months planning your wedding day, down to the flavor of the cake in the middle tier, to the font on the place cards, to the right shade of pink for the flowers in your bouquet. And I'm sure the night of the wedding, it must feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. The last thing you'll want to do is sift through 700+ images choosing which ones make it into your album. (No really, I still have couples from over a year ago that just can't wrap their brain around selecting favorites!) Then you'll probably turn to Facebook for your friends suggestions on where to print and you'll forget the website for weeks. Weeks turn into months. Computers crash. The office turns into a nursery. Life happens. Years go by. And all you have is a USB in the junk drawer.

Your wedding photos - next to the super glue and band-aids. Awesome. 

I'm here to make it easy. With Sonju Photography, your first album proof is delivered the same day as your final image gallery. You hired me to document the day, and I'll show you the best way it's story is told on 20-40 spreads. I use professional software to help me lay out the images in a minimalistic design so each image can "breathe". That software has the exact measurements from dozens of album makers, so the proofs are exactly how the album will look. No surprises, no chopped limbs, just your wedding day story told in the most beautiful, page-turning way.  The proofing process is all done online, so there's no need to schedule another meeting. Simply click and leave notes as to what changes you'd like made. 

A screenshot of the actual proofing software I use. The pages even "flip" so you can see where the fold is. We'll work together to create the best story of your day.

A screenshot of the actual proofing software I use. The pages even "flip" so you can see where the fold is. We'll work together to create the best story of your day.


Ok fine, build your own album. Maybe you're the rare unicorn that gets to working on her DIY album immediately - GREAT! But as a consumer (non-professional) you simply don't have access to the best labs for the job.

My album maker is just that - an album maker. No prints, no USBs, no canvas wraps - they just make beautiful, heirloom quality albums here in the USA that give your wedding images what they deserve. Over ten pairs of hands hand-craft your wedding album and there are multiple levels of inspection before they're shipped to me. I give a final inspection (and sometimes a little photo-shoot for the 'gram!) before shipping albums to my clients. 

Sure, online consumer print labs are WAY cheaper, but there's nothing like archival paper, spines that won't crack, and that NEW LEATHER SMELL. I'm telling you, it's intoxicating. Also, consumer printers may print your images looking muddy, greenish, and just plain gross. I've calibrated my monitor and images to my labs for the best possible printing. Skin tones stay perfect, and greens are actually green. 

These ain't yo' mama's wedding album. Your wedding images are printed on THICK, silky matte pages, professionally bound, and covered in the finest materials from genuine leathers, silks, tweeds, and even VEGAN LEATHER. You can even customize your album further with a custom image cover, or use two materials for a special look.

Further customize your wedding album with a metal cover

Further customize your wedding album with a metal cover


Hard drives crash. Computers get stolen. Your new computer may not even have a USB port in a few years. Those CD's and drives will be obsolete in no time. Shoot, I may be delivering holograms in ten years. And your daughter certainly won't be able to unlock that iPhone 8 in 30 years. 

Albums are forever. 

Forever ever. 



I hear you! You know what else was expensive? Your dress. That tux. Your favorite flowers that were shipped from another country because they were out of season. The cake that no one ate because they were too busy dancing with YOU! (Let's not get started on the photographer ;) )

Don't those images deserve to be preserved in a gorgeous album on your coffee table where you can see them whenever you'd like?

Aren't you proud of the time you spent planning every single detail of that day? Doesn't your day deserve to be documented forever? 

Some clients use wedding gifts/cash towards the purchase of their wedding album. I'm also happy to extend a payment plan to help chip away at your final cost. Before you know it, that gorgeous album will be proudly displayed in your home and all of your friends can gush over your wedding day every time they visit. 


I'd love to hear what you have to say - did you get an album with your wedding photos? Do you regret building your own? Do you have access to your images and want to make an album now? Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the process!