Jaime & Arianna | South Florida Engagement Photographer

Just so ya know, I have a tiny little crush on every. single. one. of my clients after I photograph them. Jaime and Arianna are no different. I met Jaime through Inspiration Through Art, and photographed her little boy, Jaidin, who has Down Syndrome and immediately fell in love. Since that shoot, Jaime has found the love of her life, and is moving to Maryland (gah, that's too far away!) with Arianna to marry her soulmate. I immediately called "dibs" when I saw an instagram post looking for a photographer. No really, I was all "DIBS!"

Now, I'm not gay, but I'm definitely crushin' hard on these two.Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (1)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (2)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (3)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (4)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (5)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (6)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (7)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (8)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (9)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (10)

This face. Kills me. Holy moly. 

Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (11)

If the love they share isn't SMACK-YOU-IN-THE-FACE obvious in these images, then I quit as a photographer forever. Love is love. That's it. 

Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (12)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (13)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (14)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (15)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (16)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (17)Jaime_Arianna_Engaged (18)