Jazmyne's Princess Party and Portraits


Jazmyne is FIVE! And to celebrate, she had the best Princess Party south Florida has ever seen. So of course we had to shoot a few portraits before the party...because what five-year old doesn't love playing dress-up?! Princess_Party (1)Princess_Party (2)Princess_Party (3)Princess_Party (4)Princess_Party (5)Princess_Party (6)Princess_Party (7)Princess_Party (9)Princess_Party (10)Princess_Party (11)Princess_Party (12)Princess_Party (13)Princess_Party (14)Princess_Party (15)Princess_Party (16)Princess_Party (17)Princess_Party (18)Princess_Party (19)Princess_Party (20)Princess_Party (21)Princess_Party (22)Princess_Party (23)Princess_Party (24)Princess_Party (25)Princess_Party (26)Princess_Party (27)Princess_Party (28)Princess_Party (29)

A horse-drawn carriage packed with princesses arrives, and everyone just about loses their mind - especially Jazmyne. Ok, I got pretty excited too. ;) 

Princess_Party (30)Princess_Party (31)Princess_Party (32)Princess_Party (33)

The princesses quickly whisked all the kids to the make-over tent and crowned the little party-goers into Princes and Princesses. Mom, if you're reading this, we need to sit down and talk about my 33rd birthday, k? 

Princess_Party (34)Princess_Party (35)Princess_Party (36)

Oh hi Ayden! Anyone remember that handsome face from a super-sweet Mickey Mouse session?! 

Princess_Party (37)Princess_Party (38)Princess_Party (39)Princess_Party (40)Princess_Party (41)