Jeremy & Erin | A Helicopter Proposal

"Hey. I had to sneak outside to talk to you. She's here and she's probably wondering why I'm taking a work call."

"Oh man. She's going to think you're sneaking around."

Not the typical way I start conversations with clients, but Jeremy had big plans... and his girlfriend, Erin, was in for a perfect proposal.

Jeremy explained to me that he was going to send a driver to her workplace, surprise her with a day off, and get her to the airport. Meanwhile, I was to meet with Geoff, the pilot at the Cloud 9 office in West Palm. The original plan was for me to act like I was with the helicopter company and just so happened to be on the flight from West Palm to Key Largo. But lets keep it real, Erin's a woman and she had to have known something was up...

I was dropped off at the helicopter first, and watched a nervous Jeremy stuff a small cooler into the cargo area of the helicopter. Erin had a long stemmed red rose in her hands, and a look of shock on her face. (Nice touch on the roses, Jeremy!)


And with that, we were up, up, and away for a 45 minute flight to Key Largo. Not a bad way to spend a Monday.


Jeremy planned a lunch by the water with Erin, and I ran around the Ocean Reef Club grabbing photos. I may or may not have scared a few sunbathers as I shoved my lens into the bushes trying to get all papparazzi on them, too. Jeremy texted me and told me to be at "The Point" by 3:45, where he was going to pop the question.



By this time, it was pretty obvious why I was along for the ride, so we grabbed a few photos around the beach club... we'd have to be back at the airport soon for a sunset flight to West Palm.


Congratulations to Jeremy and Erin - and a big THANK YOU to Jeremy and Geoff for letting me tag along and photograph such a beautiful day.

"You had me at helicopter."