Jessika and Andres | South Florida Engagement

Jessika and Andres recently booked me for their December wedding, and ONCE AGAIN, I have the biggest crush on my clients and want them to marry me instead. Can that happen? Probably not since they already have little Andres on their hands too, and that could get messy. Either way, Jessika and Andres sizzled in front of the lens, and I am so freaking excited for their wedding later this year.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that little Andres is the cutest nugget on the planet...I mean, come ON.


Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (1)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (2)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (3)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (4)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (5)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (6)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (7)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (8)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (9)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (10)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (11)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (12)

Then, it was time to kick out little dude  so Jessika and Andres could have some portraits together.

Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (13)

Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (18)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (14)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (18)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (17)Ft_Lauderdale_Engagement_Robbins_Park_Sonju (19)

Don't be like Jessika and wait till the last minute y'all - she got lucky! For more information on booking photography coverage for your 2015 wedding, click the contact link above!