Julianna is One! | Delray Beach Children's Photographer

One of my past brides bought a session for her sister-in-law so she could have some pictures of her daughter on her first birthday. I arrived at the session prepared to shoot Julianna's portraits, and was pleasantly surprised to see mom and dad dressed up as well! Too many times clients will show up to a session with their children and don't want to get in the photos with them.  Moms, (and dads!) I'm begging you, get in the pictures. Even if it's just one. Your children will thank you for it later.

Julianna_One_Year_Portraits (1)

One of the very first frames of our session. Julianna was curious about my camera I was shoving in her face. Below, she's curious about the contents of my camera bag. 

Julianna_One_Year_Portraits (2)Julianna_One_Year_Portraits (3)Julianna_One_Year_Portraits (4)Julianna_One_Year_Portraits (5)Julianna_One_Year_Portraits (6)Julianna_One_Year_Portraits (7)Julianna_One_Year_Portraits (8)

...aaaaand guess which photo is now a strong contender for favoritest daddy-daughter photo of all time? 

Julianna_One_Year_Portraits (9)

Happy birthday Julianna! I'll see about getting you your own camera for your 21st. ;)