Katy and Grigs are Engaged! | Palm Beach Engagement Session


Ever see those couples that are so dang cute and all you can do is moan under your breath... but secretly you wish you had a love like theirs? Well. Sorry to ruin your day, y'all, but Katy and Chris (Grigs) are THAT couple.

It was a Tuesday. It had been raining all day, and as per usual, I was obsessing over radar maps. 60% chance of rain and the gloomiest grey skies. I had a couple successes already that week shooting around the rain, and decided to take a risk again. I love the feel of Worth Ave in Palm Beach, and even though it was an hour away, I had to take the chance.

When we met, Katy was in wellies, and Chris had a Tervis in his hand. We won't talk about what was in said Tervis, but let's just say I knew immediately this shoot was going to be awesome.

Worth_Ave_Engagement_Session (1)Worth_Ave_Engagement_Session (15)Worth_Ave_Engagement_Session (2)Worth_Ave_Engagement_Session (3)Worth_Ave_Engagement_Session (4)

I love this above photo so much I want to hang in my own home. That's not creepy at all, right? 

Worth_Ave_Engagement_Session (5)Worth_Ave_Engagement_Session (6)Worth_Ave_Engagement_Session (7)Worth_Ave_Engagement_Session (8)Worth_Ave_Engagement_Session (9)2014-07-17_0013Worth_Ave_Engagement_Session (11)Worth_Ave_Engagement_Session (12)

I spent a little over an hour giggling and laughing my way through their engagement session - I can only imagine how much fun their wedding will be. Thank you Katy and Grigs for letting me shove my camera in your face,  for being such good sports, and for bringing a little joy to a rainy Tuesday.