Kennedy is One! | South Florida Children's Photographer

Oh, the Sapytas. Remember that cute couple from their cupcake gender reveal session and birth story? Well, that sweet nugget is now a ONE YEAR OLD. Holy moly time is flying. Brittany and Matt moved to Alabama for Matt's job, but came back to Florida for the Thanksgiving break and threw Kennedy her first birthday party...  And I was lucky enough to shoot Kennedy's first year portraits. Brittany warned me that Kennedy was a little ninja, and getting clear shots of her might be a challenge.  



Kennedy_One_Year_Portraits_Cupcake_Smash (1)Kennedy_One_Year_Portraits_Cupcake_Smash (2)Kennedy_One_Year_Portraits_Cupcake_Smash (3)Kennedy_One_Year_Portraits_Cupcake_Smash (4)

That's Matt's teddy bear he had as a baby. Ciiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiffffeeee. 

Kennedy_One_Year_Portraits_Cupcake_Smash (5)Kennedy_One_Year_Portraits_Cupcake_Smash (6)

This shot...KILLS ME. Kennedy is so scrumptious. 

Kennedy_One_Year_Portraits_Cupcake_Smash (7)Kennedy_One_Year_Portraits_Cupcake_Smash (8)

Speaking of scrumptious, how awesome is that board Brittany's friend made for Kennedy? All of her first year milestones...

Kennedy_One_Year_Portraits_Cupcake_Smash (9)Kennedy_One_Year_Portraits_Cupcake_Smash (10)