Landen's Baptism | Ancient Spanish Monastery


Landen's baptism took place at the Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami. Landen is definitely an outdoorsy kinda boy, so being cooped up inside made him a little upset. I can't blame him though - as beautiful as the chapel is, Landen knew the light outside would be perfect for pictures.

Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (1)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (2)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (3)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (4)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (5)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (6)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (7)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (8)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (9)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (10)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (11)

After the ceremony and a few family portraits, I followed the family back to their home for a gorgeous dinner outside celebrating Landen's baptism. Michelle planned a beautiful evening under bistro lights complete with wildflowers and mason jar sweets, and I even got to try my FIRST EVER tres leches cake. Wonder if I can hire her to plan my own birthday party?

Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (12)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (13)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (14)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (15)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (16)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (17)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (18)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (19)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (20)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (21)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (22)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (30)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (23)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (24)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (25)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (26)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (27)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (28)Spanish_Monastery_Baptism_Miami (29)

I had so much fun celebrating with Landen and his family - can't wait for his second birthday! (ok, I'm pretty excited about the paella and Michelle's sweets, too)