Fourth of July at the Lake House | Let's Get Personal

A couple weeks ago, while having dinner with some close friends, I was asked if I had anything going on during the Fourth of July weekend. To my surprise, I didn't have any shoots planned, and I was pretty much up-to-date with my edits.

 Four glorious days off, ten adults, two children, and three nights of lakeside livin' with some of the raddest people I know.

Personal-LakeHouse (29)Personal-LakeHouse (1)Personal-LakeHouse (2)Personal-LakeHouse (3)Personal-LakeHouse (4)Personal-LakeHouse (5)Personal-LakeHouse (6)Personal-LakeHouse (7)Personal-LakeHouse (8)Personal-LakeHouse (9)Personal-LakeHouse (10)Personal-LakeHouse (11)

Lightening was threatening our tubing fun, so we took a break and headed inside. No lizards were harmed in the making of these photographs. I think. 

Personal-LakeHouse (12)Personal-LakeHouse (13)Personal-LakeHouse (14)Personal-LakeHouse (15)

And then we were back on the water. This time, it was my turn. 

Personal-LakeHouse (16)

I wasn't expecting to be thrown out (obviously) and my arm still hurts from hanging on for dear life. I'll never let Steve forget the moment he left me in that tube. HE LET GO FIRST.

Personal-LakeHouse (17)

You'd think I learned my lesson. But nope, I was back on with Connie and before the boat even took off, we were flipped over. Again, Steve is never living this down. 

Personal-LakeHouse (30)

Obligatory group shots. Yay tripods and self timers! 

Personal-LakeHouse (18)Personal-LakeHouse (19)

Steve makes up for his shenanigans on the boat by snapping some shots for us girls. I kinda really love his composition here. Brilliant! 

Personal-LakeHouse (20)Personal-LakeHouse (21)

And I return the favor by snapping some of him and his son. 

Personal-LakeHouse (22)Personal-LakeHouse (31)Personal-LakeHouse (32)

Pretty sure something inappropriate was said here...

Personal-LakeHouse (33)

As the sun was setting on our last night, you know I had to get the group out for some silhouette shots...

Personal-LakeHouse (23)Personal-LakeHouse (24)Personal-LakeHouse (25)Personal-LakeHouse (26)Personal-LakeHouse (27)

I'm proud to say that I was only told ONCE to put my camera down, and that I wasn't at work. Just once!