Lindsay and Matthew | Engaged

Lindsay and Matthew's engagement session was supposed to be at the Hillsboro Inlet, but since we couldn't get to the area we wanted, (and the security guard wouldn't budge) we were a little "lost" for the first hour. After risking a few parking tickets and debating whether to swim to shore, we decided to shoot around the south side of Deerfield Beach. Lindsay and Matthew brought their guitar, ukelele, a couple paddle boards, and a whole lot of sexy to their oceanside session. LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (1)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (2)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (3)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (4)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (5)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (6)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (7)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (8)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (9)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (10)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (11)

The days before this session I was incredibly nervous. I borrowed an underwater housing bag from another photographer, called my insurance company, said a little prayer, and got in the water. If you follow me on instagram, I'm sure you've already seen my incredibly sexy get-up. Who doesn't love a girl in goggles? 

LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (12)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (13)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (14)LindsayMatthewPaddleboardEngagement (15)