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I've been photographing Sean and Jeanell ever since they were pregnant with baby London. I did their maternity session, the baby shower, and London's first birthday portraits. So when Sean asked if I would photograph London's second birthday and portraits, the answer was "DUH."

 "London was born with a congenital disorder/failing heart that required a heart transplant. December 4, 2014 will mark the two year anniversary of London's first heart surgery. Amazingly she was only a little over three months old at the time and endured the trauma of an open heart surgery by waking up as active and feisty as ever. Since that time London and her family has incurred a great deal of medical debt and financial hardship as her parents were unable to work in order to provide round the clock care.

In July 2013 while at a routine medical checkup London's family received notice that her Cardiologist team had concluded her heart was failing and recommended she be placed on the national heart transplant list.  A few short weeks later a donor heart was found for London and she received her much needed heart transplant."

(from London's YouCaring site, linked below)

Despite the challenges in her life, London is FEISTY and has the warmest smile I've ever seen.

London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (8)

London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (2)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (3)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (4)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (5)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (6)

blowing kisses...

London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (7)

A few weeks later, Sean and Jeanell planned a special Minnie Mouse Luau for London's birthday. Apparently, only cute kids were invited, and I had a blast shooting them on the slip-n-slide, around the pool, and celebrating with London.

Must be tough having such incredibly photogenic friends and family, huh?

London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (9)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (10)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (11)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (12)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (13)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (14)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (15)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (16)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (17)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (18)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (19)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (20)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (21)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (23)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (22)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (24)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (25)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (26)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (27)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (28)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (29)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (30)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (31)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (32)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (33)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (34)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (35)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (36)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (37)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (38)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (39)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (40)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (41)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (42)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (43)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (44)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (45)London_Second_Birthday_MinnieMouse_Luau (46)

A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to London - can't wait to photograph your third birthday! (and fourth, and fifth, and face it girl, you're stuck with me...)

For more information on Noonan's Syndrome, please visit Team Noonan at

To donate to London's fund on YouCaring, please visit