Maggie and Chad | Wedding at Galuppi's on the Green

There's a funny story about how I met Maggie. Some lovely momma had recommended me to her in the online facebook group "mammarama" (Hi Mammarama! I'm not a mom, but I do thank you for the kind words!) After a few emails back and forth,  Maggie shot me an email and said "we have a couple mutual friends - you must be the Sonju I've been hearing about in the bachelorette party emails!" You see, one of our friends was about to get married, so our group of girlfriends were exchanging emails back and forth to help plan the wild weekend on South Beach. Apparently Maggie was one of those girls.

And then I was all, "OH CRAP. I'm going to a bachelorette party with a potential bride. This can not be good."  I mean who does that? Who meets their potential bride for the first time at a hotel on South Beach with a shot-glass necklace around her neck and wearing a purple wig?

But Maggie assured me it was all good, and meeting her that weekend (even though the night was, ahem- interesting) was pretty awesome.

Maggie and her girls got ready at the Hyatt in Plantation, Florida.


MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (2)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (5)

MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (3)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (6)

MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (7)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (8)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (9)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (10)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (11)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (12)

Dear Toshi, I love you and your smile. Love, Sonju. 

MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (13)


Once Maggie's finishing touches were applied, we headed out to Galuppi's...

MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (15)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (16)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (17)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (18)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (19)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (20)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (21)

Maggie and Chad decided not to see each other before the ceremony. Instead, we did a different kind of first look with her father, Whit. 

MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (22)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (26)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (23)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (31)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (24)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (25)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (27)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (28)

Meanwhile, Chad was hangin' with the guys... 

MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (29)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (30)

The guests were sat, the music started, and you could almost hear everyone buzzing about the grey skies and thunder in the distance...

MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (32)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (33)

...but Maggie held it together as her father officiated the ceremony. 

MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (34)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (35)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (36)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (37)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (39)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (38)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (40)Now I don't normally play favorites when it comes to members of the wedding party, but...

I'm looking at you, far-right. 

MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (41)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (42)2014-04-05_00012014-04-05_0002MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (44)

Let me tell you how stoked I was that we were able to get portraits done before the torrential downpour - We made it inside to join the rest of the guests for cocktail hour, which had already been moved inside. 

MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (45)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (46)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (47)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (48)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (49)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (50)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (51)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (52)These shots made me fall in love with Maggie and Chad even more...

MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (53)

MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (54)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (55)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (56)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (57)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (58)MaggieChadGaluppisWedding (59)

Maggie and Chad, thank you so much for letting me be part of your day.

Stop it. 

I can't. 


Ceremony and Reception: Galuppi's on the Green

MUA/Hair: Toshi Szpyra | Make-Up by Toshi Facebook Page

Strings: Monty Bloom Ensemble

DJ: Paul Briede |

Cake: Nancy's Cakes