My hero, Jordyn | Inspiration Through Art

Inspiration Through Art is an organization close to my heart. Founded by Felicia Reinhard, the organization joins artists and families with children that are suffering from serious illnesses or facing a lifetime of challenges. I've photographed three families now, and Jordyn is my newest hero. Here's a snippet of the email I received from Jordyn's mom, Liza:

"My daughter Jordyn (3) was born with multiple birth defects... none of which we knew of prior to her birth.  You can imagine the shock and surprise!  Jordyn was born with only 1 lung, her heart on her right side, compressed trachea at birth not allowing her to suck, swallow and feed, fused cervical vertebrae, hypo-plastic thumb, ASD (hole in her heart) and GI issues... just to name a few!  She has endured 4 surgeries, 3 before she even turned 1!  However, from the outside you would have NO idea.  She is a spunky, smiley, adorable, active, silly, amazing little miracle.  She loves to be outside, loves sports and gymnastics, loves bothering her big brother, and loves being her!  She is strong willed, stubborn, amazing, determined and a true inspiration!"

Yep. Mom was right. A true inspiration. I had a hard time keeping up with this little firecracker!

Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (1)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (2)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (19)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (4)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (5)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (6)

Jordyn lost her balance on that dang log, but I kept shooting! Nice recovery, girl! :)

Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (7)

Sometimes, to keep kids "in the game" I'll offer to let them take a few pictures. I switched my camera to "live view" mode so she could see from the LCD, but she INSISTED she look through the viewfinder like me. The photo below of her big brother, Seth is a Jordyn original. Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (8)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (9)

...and another photo by Jordyn below! Hi Mom and Dad!

Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (10)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (11)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (12)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (13)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (14)

We waited all morning for the carousel to open, and Jordyn RAN from the playground to get her tokens for the ride. I caught her checking herself out in the mirror, and she even asked Daddy to move out of the way, haha!

Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (15)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (16)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (17)Jordyn_InspirationthroughArt (18)

If you have a child, or know a child, who suffers from any type of serious illness or life altering disability, we are here to help. Please check out for more information on a complimentary photo session for a hero.