Natalie & John | Morikami Engagement Session

Natalie and John's wedding isn't until next month, and we've already had so many adventures! We were originally supposed to shoot the day before their session, but her bestie called me in a panic.

"Hi. You don't know me, but I'm Natalie's best friend. I'm planning a surprise bridal shower for her the day you're supposed to do their engagement photos."

"Oh. Yeah. I'm picking up what you're putting down. You need me to lie to her?"


So I did just that. Well, sorta. The morning of their engagement session, Natalie texted me to ask if we could shoot a little earlier, since the weather report said it would rain. I responded and offered her the next day instead, saying that I wouldn't be back in town in time for her session. Truth is, I probably could have been back in time, but Natalie had a party to get to, and I couldn't let her friends down.

We met at Morikami the next day, and Natalie was so excited to show me her "reaction video" from her shower the day before. We had the whole park to ourselves and spent the first half exploring and getting cuddly...


And just as we started to head inside for a quick wardrobe change, we were stuck in a downpour! Natalie and John changed and we sat inside waiting for the rain to pass. This is Florida, after all, and any good Floridian knows that if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes. So we did. Soon enough, we mustered the courage to go out in the drizzle...


But then the skies opened up AGAIN and Natalie, John, Natalie's friend and I were all huddled under the bamboo gate trying to stay dry. I wanted so badly to get a shot of them trying to escape the rain, but was too scared to take my camera out of the bag. Ten minutes later, we hustled for the exit... but not before sneaking a few shots in the bamboo.


I had so much fun with these two running and laughing in the rain! Thanks so much for sticking it out, can't wait for your wedding!