Nurcan and Jacob | Out of the Blue Wedding

June 14th, 2014. Like most wedding days, I woke up and immediately checked the weather report. There were plenty of white fluffy clouds outside, and a slight chance of rain, but not until 7:30 pm. I put on my best poker face, kept quiet about the weather, and met Nurcan and her bridesmaids at the Jupiter Beach Resort. 

Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (1)

Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (2)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (3)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (4)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (6)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (5)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (7)

I'm not sure what Nurcan and Jolene are doing here, but it reminds me of Mariah Carey lip-syncing, and I kinda dig that. 

Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (8)

Nurcan planned to finish getting ready at the venue, Out of the Blue Restaurant in Jupiter, Florida. 

Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (9)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (10)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (12)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (11)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (17)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (13)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (14)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (15)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (16)

Meanwhile, Jacob and his groomsmen arrived to the restaurant and we quickly put him in place for their first look and portraits. 

Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (18)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (19)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (20)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (21)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (22)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (23)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (24)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (25)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (26)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (27)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (28)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (29)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (47)

 I tried not to bring it up in front of Nurcan, but secretly I was stalking my weather app and was relieved to see that it shouldn't start pouring until later that evening. Luckily, we planned their first look and portraits before the ceremony. Then, just minutes before her walk down the aisle, a light rain began just as the final guests were seated. It was too late to move things inside...

"That's not thunder, Nurcan, those are boat engines!" Hey, I tried. 

Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (30)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (31)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (32)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (33)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (34)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (35)

If this isn't the definition of "best friend", I don't know what is.  They held those umbrellas over Nurcan and Jacob with smiles on their faces for the entire ceremony. 

Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (36)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (37)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (38)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (39)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (40)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (41)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (42)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (43)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (44)

And of course, in true Florida fashion, the rain stopped just long enough for a few group shots and allowed Nurcan and Jacob to enjoy a bit of their cocktail hour. 

Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (45)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (46)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (48)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (49)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (50)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (51)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (52)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (53)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (54)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (55)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (56)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (57)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (58)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (59)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (61)Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (60)

Congratulations, Nurcan and Jacob, and thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer. With that, I'll leave you with lyrics to one of my favorite songs, Please Don't Stop the Rain, by James Morrison:

"If it's gonna be a rainy day There's nothing we can do to make it change We can pray for sunny weather But that won't stop the rain Feeling like you got no place to run I can be your shelter 'til it's done We can make this last forever So please don't stop the rain"

Nurcan_Jacob_Out_Of_The_Blue_Wedding (62)

Ceremony and Reception: Out of the Blue Restaurant 

Makeup Artistry/Hair:  Angelique Garcia | Team Beauti 

DJ: Darryl Gilbert |