Nurcan & Jacob | Engaged

I learned a few lessons with this engagement session for Nurcan and Jacob : 1. Don't ever rule out the possibility of rain in November in South Florida, and 2. Mosquitos can be RUTHLESS, no matter what month it is. We rescheduled this session twice due to rain. TWICE! I was beginning to wonder what Mother Nature had against this gorgeous couple when the skies finally cleared in early December for their session. We started at the back of the park and as I lifted my camera to my face for the first few shots, I noticed MILLIONS (ok, maybe not millions, but lots, k?) of blood-thirsty mosquitoes circling them planning their attack. I had to make the decision to leave Nurcan and Jacob in the safety of their car while I ran out to get bug spray. Those two cans of spray are now the most important items in my camera bag. Once I returned and we sprayed down, we had the most delicious light for photos. I still have scars from that day. Worth it.

Engagement_TreeTops_NurcanJacob (1)Engagement_TreeTops_NurcanJacob (2)Engagement_TreeTops_NurcanJacob (3)Engagement_TreeTops_NurcanJacob (4)Engagement_TreeTops_NurcanJacob (5)Engagement_TreeTops_NurcanJacob (6)Engagement_TreeTops_NurcanJacob (7)Engagement_TreeTops_NurcanJacob (8)Engagement_TreeTops_NurcanJacob (9)Engagement_TreeTops_NurcanJacob (10)Engagement_TreeTops_NurcanJacob (11)Engagement_TreeTops_NurcanJacob (12)