Parks and Planes - Alyssa & Chris | South Florida Engagement

I met Alyssa and Chris for our first meeting at a Starbucks (I know, I know. Honestly I think Sonju Photography is keeping the local Starbucks alive) Between thoughts of "ohmygoshthey'rethecutestpleasebookme" and "holy moly this girl has her stuff together for a wedding that's over a year away" I couldn't help but notice Chris' tattoos - AIRPLANES. Anyway, long story short, they booked me to photograph their wedding in October 2015 and we began planning their engagement session. If you know me at all, you should know that I am slightly obsessed with airplanes. I have a little one tattooed on my shoulder, and my dad was a "Grummanite" and we were quite the world travelers. As kids, my sister and I spent lots of time around planes and hangars. And back in the vintage Sonju Photography early days, my friend Garret let me shoot around the Lantana Airport for funsies. So, when Alyssa emailed me and mentioned she wanted to do something special because Chris really loved airplanes, I had to reply with this:

"Lyss and Chris - you guys are so cute haha. Would Chris FUHH-REAK out if I could get an airport to shoot at? Because I know people."

And with that our master plan took off! (I'm so funny.) I met "Lyss and Chris" at a park near the Lantana Airport. Chris bugged her all day wondering why they had to drive 30+ minutes out of their way for some dang engagement photos. He had no idea Alyssa wanted to surprise him with a few shots around the airport.  Our plan was to get the standard pretty-pretty park photos and then BAM - Guess what babe?
I mean come on. I had to. ^
So excited for your wedding in October, Lyss and Chris!