Personal | Sunday with the Girls

I had an unexpected weekend "off" - no shoots or weddings this Saturday and Sunday. To make the best of it, my BFF Kimmy and I decided to have a little brunch and crafting day. Well, the crafting idea came after 3 or 4 mimosas...drooling yet? Zella made a surprise appearance and joined in on the crafting festivities. Meet Stella, one of the kinda-stray kitties that hang out around Kim's house. (Hiding from Zella, of course.)Zella takes a break with a capri sun, and I with the rest of the moscato. After a quick refreshment, Zella is FOCUSED. My pinterest-inspired craft. Should've used thicker lettering, but I kinda like how it turned out. After peeling off the letter decals, the "wood grain" appears through the silver paint. Amy's new bathroom sign, a la Pinterest and spray paint. And Kimmy- the girl microscopically dissects fruit flies for work, and I wonder if she has the same look of determination on her face when in the lab. And finally, Zella's finished masterpiece, and her Mommy Ashley hiding behind her brushes. Sunday was aiiiight.