Photo Shoots and Pastries

Back home, I got in touch with a model here in Lisbon for a possible shoot. We wrote back and forth for weeks and planned to shoot on Sunday. Vilma met me at my hostel, showed me how to buy a metro ticket, and helped me through the train system of Lisbon. We met with the make-up artist, Mariza, at the train station and headed to McDonald's for a quick bite. There, the male model, "Peter", met us and we hopped in his car and drove to the location. I didn't have any ideas, or a concept in mind...I never do. I usually have a location picked, and then the rest kinda comes to me once we start shooting. Mariza mentioned a "secret" spot, on the beach with rocks, and a few minutes later, we were there. Mariza did Vilma's makeup on the steps by the rocks (yay for on-site MUA!) The sun was soooo harsh, (we got the location around 12:30pm) so fighting the harsh shadows was a bit of a challenge - not to mention trying to work two models into the shadows for a more even light. Not easy. After torturing the poor models and moving them from rock to rock, they dried off and we were on our way for a drink and some ice cream. We passed an old buiding that used to be part of the University, and Mariza suggested we stop there. When I asked how we were going to get inside, she said 'we'll jump the fence." Uh, no, you'll jump the fence. I'll just wait outside. But after driving past it again, we noticed there was an open entrance to the building, no fence jumping involved. Whew.As the girls unpacked wardrobe and makeup from the trunk, dogs barked from behind the fence. Great. I'm with three total strangers, already got in the car with a self proclaimed "new driver", almost slipped and busted my ass on algae-covered rocks, drank from a "natural spring" that could very well have some sort of parasites swimming around, and now I'm going to get eaten by Cujo. What an awesome story to tell Mom. After a quick makeup change on the steps of the buiding, we were shooting again. This time, I had Vilma upside-down on the steps, and using my wide angle 10-20mm, got some really amazingliy distorted shots. She wanted a few with her vintage camera for promotional shots (she's also a photograher.) Mariza wanted a couple snaps for herself, and we packed up and headed back to the train station.

The next morning, I woke up late, had the last two peices of stale bread (that's called "breakfast" here at the hostel) and decided to do the touristy things that day. I bought a ticket for the double decker 'Hop on, Hop off' bus, and headed towards Belem. The first day at the hostel, I was told to get to Belem's famous bakery, and try their cake. I had no idea what he was talking about, until one of the girl's shared her last box with me. Katie (the Canadian) explained the cinnamon and sugar icing, and I almost had a food-gasm sitting at that bench with her. So, I had to have more. I made it to Belem alright, but couldn't find the damn bakery. I went inside one of the tourist trap gift shops and found a postcard with a picture of the little pastries, and asked the woman at the counter. Either her English was really bad, or my Portuguese sucked (or both) but she told me it was near the monastary, but I'd have to pay to get to the other side of the street. I finally found a pedestrian bridge going over the street, and a British couple from the bus decided to follow me, thinking I knew where I was going. We made it to Pasteis de Belem 20 minutes later, bought our pastries (I got two boxes of 6), and headed back to the bus stop.

I ate one as soon as I got on the bus.