Second Shooting | Kane & Social

I had the pleasure of second-shooting for Roberto Chamorro of Kane & Social for a beautiful wedding and reception at Fairchild Gardens. Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

Kane&SocialSecondShooter (1)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (2)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (3)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (4)2014-04-14_0018Kane&SocialSecondShooter (5)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (6)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (7)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (8)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (9)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (10)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (11)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (12)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (13)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (14)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (15)Kane&SocialSecondShooter (16)

(Photos are used with permission by the main photographer, Roberto Chamorro )

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