Slacker. (Capri, London and Venice)

A lot has happened since Napoli. I've been slacking in the blog department, but I'm OK with it. It's my vacation, I'll slack if I want to. To make a long story short, I did a day trip to Capri, took a boat around the island and saw the beautiful grottos, flew to London, hung out with a guy from Australia, and wished I had a classy English accent. Not the dirty drunk kind of English accent, the one like the lady on the tube announcements...mind the gap, bitches.

And now to make a short story long:

I spent four nights in London, The first two in the nastiest hostel I've ever stayed in, and the last two in possibly one of the best. Let me go into detail about the first hostel: First, my foot is still in a lot of pain, and swelling like crazy. I keep it wrapped most of the day. I checked into the hostel and went to my room. Inside, just like in the commercial, are two European boys blasting Kanye-techno, wearing t-shirts that light up like equalizers. My bed was the top bunk. I'm not as flexible as I thought, so getting up the ladder with only my good foot, um, not so much fun. I went back downstairs and actually CRIED to the desk guy for another bed.

Crying didn't work. The next morning I checked out and found a cute little hostel with a blue door. Met the Australian, Khaled, and showed him around London. Well, at least the parts I found the day before. Poor guy had a bum knee, I bet we looked like the funniest pair of wounded travelers.

I spent my last day in London hobbling around for the best fish n chips and buying union jack souvenirs. I love London.


The "depression" has start to set in, I'm finally in my last destination - Dublin. Although it's pretty hard to stay depressed in Ireland. Every one's friendly, people call you "love", and there's so much beer! And yes, Ireland really is as green as they say it is.

I spent my first night in Dublin at the hostel. I'll be here for a week, so I needed to find the grocery store, unpack, and find my way around the hostel (you wouldn't believe the labyrinth just to get to the showers.) Besides, I've been travelling for five weeks. I need a break. Day two: I took a tour to the Cliffs of Mohor. Again, like Venice, there's almost no words to describe how beautiful it really, pictures! ( to 'biggerize' - then shut down your computer and pop in "The Princess Bride.)