Motherhood - A Day in the Life of a New Mama | Boca Raton Family Photographer

I've admittedly avoided newborn sessions. 

Posed newborn sessions aren't my jam, and honestly, even "lifestyle" imagery has left me feeling meh as well. I know lots of amazing photographers that do posed and lifestyle newborn photography VERY well, I'm just uh, not one of them. 

I want to document the REAL feeling of having a new baby in your home. The love, the struggles, the ENDLESS FEEDINGS. (I had no idea babies ate so much!) And of course, the fur-babies meeting their new baby brother or sister. No posing, no direction, not even a break for feedings. 

I photographed Anna and Rob's wedding five years ago, and was so excited for them to see them as parents. After A was born, I asked Anna if I could crash her home for a couple hours once I knew she was settled at home with their son. Here are some of my favorites from just a couple hours with the new family (starring the most amazing poodle,  TUCKER DUKE!): 

Are you looking for something different when it comes to your newborn's photography session? Are you looking for a relaxed, no-stress photography session documenting the first days with your baby?

I'd love to chat! I'm offering discounted newborn documentary sessions for the rest of 2018. 

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