Talia | South Florida Children's Photographer

The first image below is the second shot I took of Talia at our session. She had already had a long day, and she was determined to make me work for a smile. Challenge accepted, Talia. Welp. How about I let Teddy in some of the pictures. Perfect. Now...slowly get Teddy out of the frame, Mom...that's it...And suddenly we have a little supermodel! Changing up her pose (or getting restless, whatever) with every click! VICTORY! Now, before she gets bored, lets move on to the next location - I think Talia wants to dance!On the way to the little field, I picked some flowers for Talia. Every girl loves flowers. ...and the dancing continued. Just like those ballerinas. Teddy had to make an appearance again - but that's ok. How sweet is this?!And now, the look I get from every kid and how I know it's time to wrap up the session...Lots of work, but I finally got my smile. And man, was it worth it.