The Cornett Family | Delray Beach Family Photographer

We all know summer can be the pits when it comes to scheduling outdoor family sessions. One ominous rain cloud can ruin the whole day. Just ask Heather. We had to reschedule a couple times due to gloomy December weather (something I wasn't used to that late in the year!) because who wants a beach session with grey skies?! We almost didn't make it this day either, but I forced myself to believe the sprinkles I felt on the beach was sea-spray, and not rain, and in the end we got some beautiful images of Heather and her family...

As I walked up to our meeting point, Ava and Maddie RAN to me, grabbed my hand, and told me they were excited for photos. I had to pinch myself. I've never had children so excited to meet me or have their picture taken. Mom and dad have done a beautiful job raising such lovey girls. Delray_Beach_Family_Session (1)I usually ask little girls to give me their best supermodel pose, and they always fall into something like this. Chances are, Mommy has been snapping photos of them for years, and they already know how to pose. These two just crack me up. 

Delray_Beach_Family_Session (2)Delray_Beach_Family_Session (3)Delray_Beach_Family_Session (4)Half of those shells ended up in my pockets... and then all over my floor. I still keep a couple on my dresser. ;) 

Delray_Beach_Family_Session (5)Delray_Beach_Family_Session (6)Delray_Beach_Family_Session (7)Delray_Beach_Family_Session (8)Delray_Beach_Family_Session (9)Delray_Beach_Family_Session (10)

After giving the girls my lens pen to keep them occupied as I photographed mommy and daddy alone, Ava told me she had an idea for a photo, and made sure I snapped it for her. She even approved it from the back of my camera. Here she is "painting" her seashells...

Delray_Beach_Family_Session (11)Delray_Beach_Family_Session (12)Delray_Beach_Family_Session (13)Delray_Beach_Family_Session (14)Delray_Beach_Family_Session (15)Delray_Beach_Family_Session (16)

Aaaand now I'm gonna go call my sister.