The May Family | South Florida Family Photographer

Even though it's currently 78 degrees here in South Florida, we can still consider it fall, right? Once Starbucks rolls out those delicious pumpkin everythings and the flannels are moved to the front of the closet is when I start to brace myself for "portrait season." To get things off to a great start, I ran a FLASH SALE and for 24 hours only posted an amazing offer for portraits. And then I got an email that made me a little nervous - a fellow (and incredibly talented and gorgeous photographer) emailed me saying she wanted some of the flash sale fun. Holy moly. If there's anything that freaks a photographer out, it's having another photographer trust and hire you for their own family pictures. (well, that and rain, security guards, and table shots, but we'll get into that later.) TradewindsPark_Family_Session (2)

Jack!  Isn't he like a little Keanu?  TradewindsPark_Family_Session (1)TradewindsPark_Family_Session (3)

aaaand big brother Finn. Just as handsome as Jack, and those DIMPLES. GAH. TradewindsPark_Family_Session (4)TradewindsPark_Family_Session (5)TradewindsPark_Family_Session (6)TradewindsPark_Family_Session (7)

Typical Sonju Photography kids shot right there, folks. ^TradewindsPark_Family_Session (8)

I love shooting at Tradewinds Park. It doesn't scream FLORIDA! and has a rustic, country feel to it. Also, check out those storm clouds - we almost postponed the shoot but decided to "go for it" an hour or so before. In return, we stayed dry, had amazing light, and had a touch of drama in the sky. We win! TradewindsPark_Family_Session (9)TradewindsPark_Family_Session (10)TradewindsPark_Family_Session (11)TradewindsPark_Family_Session (12)TradewindsPark_Family_Session (13)

OK STAHHHHP. Jack's nose crinkle. That gorgeous mama. I just, can't.  TradewindsPark_Family_Session (14)TradewindsPark_Family_Session (15)TradewindsPark_Family_Session (16)TradewindsPark_Family_Session (17)TradewindsPark_Family_Session (18)

Whew! While I let you catch your breath, I'll give a little hint about the Flash Sale: Info will be posted THIS FRIDAY 10/18 right here on the blog. The sale will only be live for 24 hours, so act quickly to reserve your spot before the holidays!