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If you've followed me for a bit, this next family will look familiar. Ashley is one of my besties, and her daughter's name is Zella.

I always say that Zella is my biggest challenge. After she was born, I attempted a newborn session with her that took three days, an assistant, and lots of tears. Since then I've been photographing Zella at our friends' houses, during our Lake House visits, and even a mini sesh at the hotel after I wrapped up some other shoots I was working on. Zella is strong willed, determined to make me work for a smile, and has the best fashion sense I've ever seen on a three year old. But when she finally warms up to "Auntie Onju" and throws gang signs and sweet smiles, she steals the show.

Ashley planned a session for her family and we met at Colee Hammock Park in Ft. Lauderdale for pictures.


Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (1)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (2)

Again, please note Zella's amazing mismatched socks. 

Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (4)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (3)

Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (5)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (6)

"Do you have any props you want us to bring?"

"Oh man if you had a quilt I'd love that. Been wanting to photograph a family all snuggly in a quilt. But if you can't find one, no big deal" 

"Sonj we're from Kentucky. I got your quilts." 

Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (7)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (8)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (9)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (10)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (11)

 These photos pretty much sum up Ashley's little family. Zella throws her gang signs, then licks RD, and ...gee I wonder where Zella gets that from? 

Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (12)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (13)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (14)

And yes! Ashley is pregnant! (And already torturing me with the idea of photographing a newborn session for this one...I'm thinking about it.) 

Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (15)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (16)

But it wasn't just Ashley, RD, and Zella - Ashley pulled a miracle and got 15 family members to the same spot in beautifully coordinated outfits and we still had plenty of delicious light to photograph everyone else. 

Miracle, I tell ya. 

Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (17)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (18)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (19)

^ See. Zella. Challenge. 

Love her so much, though. 

Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (23)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (21)Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (22)

And of course we got a handful of awesome group shots - here's my favorite. And again, check out Zella.

Family_Session_Ft_Lauderdale_Sonju (20)

I also want to take a second to note that I LOVE THE COLORS this family wore for their session! So many times I get asked if khakis and white shirts are ok.

Look, I guess it's ok, but it's definitely not as fun as colors! And layers!  And textures! I can understand how clients think khakis or jeans with white tees will look "classic" or "timeless" but in all honesty, my camera sees it as "atinybitboring" and "whereisthepersonalityomg".  I love how red pops off the greenery, and the patterns and stripes are just plain fun to look at!

For more ideas on what to wear for your very own family session, check out my Pinterest Board!