Woman's Club of Coconut Grove Tropical Wedding - Liz & Dan | Miami Wedding Photographer

“It’s not stalking, it’s research”

I mean, it’s a typical line I use as I wade through the murky waters of dating in 2019, but sometimes, like in Liz and Dan’s love story - it ACTUALLY WORKS.

Dan saw photos of Liz on a mutual friend’s Facebook page and was immediately smitten. And while they lived in different states, and had consuming careers, Dan made the first move and hit that friend request button. Liz accepted. Messages turned into conversations, conversations into phone calls, and soon Liz flew out to Arizona for a date at In-N-Out. (Um, perfect.)

From their Knot website: “The courtship continued through Miami, Washington, Jamaica, Winchester, and San Diego.” His work finally brought him to Liz’s town for four months and soon after getting word that he’d be stationed elsewhere for a year, he knew he had to LOCK IT DOWN.

And on a summer day in June 2019, Dan, his children, and Liz made it official in front of all of their closest friends and family at the Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove. Here are some of my favorites from their tropical wedding:

Venue | Ritz Carlton of Coconut Grove & Womans Club of Coconut Grove
Hair & Makeup Artistry | TTBeautyHaus
Florals | Avant Gardens
DJ | A Productions