Q: So uh, how do we prepare? 
A: Here's the beauty of Day in the Life sessions - there's no preparation needed. SERIOUSLY! If the kids are old enough, you may want to tell them that your friend is going to spend the day with you and she'll have a fancy camera. 

I promise I won't send you Pinterest boards about wardrobe. 

I promise you don't even need to change out of your pajamas.

And I promise I'll turn around and get right back in my car if you answer the door in khakis and white shirts. 

Q: My house is a mess. How will you ever get good photos? 
A: The messier the better! If that's truly how you and your family live, EMBRACE IT. Your children will look at these photos years from now and remember your home just how it is. Besides, I'm not photographing your belongings for inventory - my focus is on the interactions and love.

Q: But what do we do all day? 
A: Literally anything. I give a good list of suggested activities in your pre-session questionnaire, but for the most part, I want to document just a normal day in your lives. I'll come with you to the grocery store, crash your daughter's dance lessons, and climb in bed for nap time. There's beauty in all the boring things you do. 


Q: Do you photograph newborns? 
A: Yes. BUT - in a documentary style. I will not direct you over to a window. I do not suggest hiring a makeup artist. And I won't pose your baby. I WILL document the love, challenges, surprises, exhaustion, and all the other good stuff that comes with having a new baby in the home. I recommend scheduling these sessions when the baby is 1-4 weeks old. 

Q: How many photos will we get? 
A: Short answer? As many as it takes to tell the story. 
Long answer: I don't guarantee a certain number of photos. I will say the average minimum for an eight hour day is 150ish. Emphasis on the ish. 

Q: Do we get ALL the photos? 
A: No. For an eight hour day I could take up to 8,000 photos! Ain't nobody got time for that. Since these are moment based sessions, I'm firing off close to 30-100 frames just for one moment or scene. I'll cull through the images, remove any duplicates, blinks, unflattering images and images where I thought I was feelin' artsy and edit only the keepers. You get the keepers.

Q: Should we feed you? 
A: I'll never turn down a meal, but I'll also bring snacks. 

Q: What type of gear do you use? 
A. For these sessions I typically bring one Canon 5D Mark IV and a 35mm and an 85mm. 

Q: When will we get our photos?
A: In the days after your session, I'll do a slow-release of sneak peeks on Instagram, and you'll receive your final image gallery in about 3 weeks.