Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What’s your approach to wedding days? What makes you different?
A: I’m not here to “hey girl heyyyy!” you, or gift you dumb Mr/Mrs mugs once you book, or pretend to be an honorary bridesmaid. My job is to document an incredibly important day in your life, and to do it in the best light with minimal distractions and posing. While I do help my couples build a timeline to allow us ample time for portraits and family formals, I truly believe candid, natural photographs will be the images you value most, and that value will only increase as the years go by.

Q: How is your pricing structured?
A:   I offer hourly pricing AND collections built to fit your needs. Collections include a second photographer, engagement sessions, heirloom albums, prints, and photo booth. Looking for something custom? Just ask!

Wondering if you really need a wedding album? Check this out. 

Q: Have you shot at my venue before? 
A: Probably. If not as a primary photographer, my experience as a second-shooter and assistant has brought me to the best wedding venues South Florida has to offer.

Q: Wait, what's a Juju Booth? 
A: I may be biased, but I think Juju Booth is South Florida's best photo booth! For years, while photographing weddings, I saw big, ugly inflatable, aggressive photo booth units that produced muddy images and crap light. I thought I could provide a service to my couples that was on the same level as their photography coverage, and Juju Booth was born! We have custom print templates, big 4x6 prints (that make amazing guest favors!) and the funniest - and sometimes scandalous - props. Your guests will absolutely love it. Click here for more info on Juju Booth. 

Q: Do I get copyright? 
A: I will always retain copyright for images I make, but I do give full printing rights to my couples. I also know that privacy is important, and full non-disclosure agreements are available for a price. If you’d rather just have privacy, we can discuss the use of non-identifying images, using initials, detail photos, etc.

Q: What kind of digital files do you offer? 
A: Your wedding photos will be displayed in your online gallery as FULL RESOLUTION, edited JPEGs. These files are not watermarked. You will be able to download any sneaks or final images immediately, and you’re free to share those images with family and friends.

Q: If we book, is Stephanie Sonju photographing our wedding? 
A: YEP! However, for dates Stephanie is booked, or for coverage that need a little more wiggle room budget-wise, one of my amazing associates may be available! I promise there will be no surprises when it comes to the person responsible for documenting your wedding day memories.

Q: Should we do a “first look”?
A: Short answer: Do whatever you want. Long answer: Check out this blog post.

Q: Will you help with our wedding day timeline?  
A: I can absolutely help with your wedding day timeline! However, please understand that I am not a wedding planner or coordinator, and the value that one can add to your wedding day planning is immeasurable. Wedding day timelines are typically discussed 8-10 weeks before your big day, but I’m happy to give you suggestions before getting those invitations out!

Q: Will you do a venue walkthrough?
A: It depends. Venue walkthroughs are typically a waste of time. The weather will be different on your wedding day, a room may not be available, or the dang catering van could be ruining a backdrop you had in mind. I do think it's best we go into your wedding day with fresh eyes and creative hearts. For clients insisting on a venue walkthrough, an additional hourly fee will be invoiced. 

Q: Do you travel?
A: YES. For weddings in Montana, Kentucky, The PNW, Italy, and Spain, I'll even waive the travel fee. There is no travel fee for venues within two hours driving time of zip code 33063. 

Q: Do you work with another photographer? 
A: I will have an assistant with me, and second photographers are available should you feel the need for more coverage. Adding a second photographer will yield about 20-25% more images, alternate angles, and can help alleviate the tight timeline of your wedding day. Out of respect for supporting staff, additional photographers, assistants, and booth attendants cannot be cancelled within six weeks of your wedding date. 

Q: How about video? 
A: Not currently, but I do have a list of trusted videographers and cinematographers that I love working with. Videographer referrals are given after booking. 

Q: What type of gear do you use? 
A. What's in my bag? Two Canon 5D Mark IV's, Sigma Art 35, 85 1.4, 135mm, 100mm, 50mm, some flashes. It's all professional-grade gear (and backup gear!) Oh and guava candies. If I could find a way to keep them from melting, I’d throw in some York Peppermint Patties, too.

Q: When will we get our photos?
A: My wedding clients usually receive the link to their online gallery within four weeks. The images are high resolution, original size, and non-watermarked. Clients are given a personal print release so they may print where they'd like. Albums, prints, and wall art are delivered within six weeks of placing your order. Your online gallery will be live for 90 days. Family sessions are typically delivered within ten business days.

Q: Word. How do we book you?
A: Best question ever. Click the button below.